Recording drums a to z


During this 6 hour course, the participants will experience everything they need to know regarding the drum recording process in a studio environment. This is an intense and detailed program focused to help you improve your understanding of dealing with “In the studio” recording scenario, microphone choices/placements, pre-amp selection, recording techniques, use of hardware processing for the purpose of recording, complex signal flow routing using industry standards like Pro Tools (DAW), SSL mixing board, patch bays, etc.  

The course Outline

Basic sound theory:

- Cables and connections

- Basic principle of microphone operation

- Type of microphones and their use

- Microphone pickup patterns

- Handling and use of microphone stand


- Microphone techniques for drums

- Microphone choices

- Microphone placement - examine spill and isolation

- Drum tuning issues

- Overhead and room mic options

- Phase issues

Workshop Pricing

There are very limited places and application does not guarantee acceptance into the workshop.